Past PhD theses and Research Habilitations


Date Name Title
8 July 2020 C. ANTHIERENS Design of Mechatronic Systems for Human Interaction


Date Name Title
2020 A. MERCI Coordination of underwater glider fleets.
2020 C. BOITTIAUX Intelligent localization system for the navigation of underwater robots.
November 2023 J. DRUPT Localization and control of a string of underwater robots in confined environments
31 August 2023 L. ANDURAND Development of manufacturing strategies for WAAM building of lightweight parts made by elementary cell assembly
13 Dec. 2021 O. TORTORICI Design and synchronized control of active communicating umbilicals : application to the interconnection of marine and submarine drones.
24 March 2021 O. GUYON Eco-optimization of the offer of product-services systems associated with automobile mobility of a territory.
23 March 2021 H. A. PHAM Coordination of underwater systems : towards object oriented integrated methodology in Opensource environment.
9 Dec. 2020 M. POUPARD Embedded avian recognition and underwater bio-acoustic scene.
9 July 2020 M. CHALVIN Additive manufacturing of tubes by multi-axis robotized wire deposition: Trajectory generation and optimization.
24 June 2020 N. GARTNER Identification of hydrodynamic parameters by simulation with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics.
18 May 2020 A. FEDDAOUI Nonlinear observers for asynchronous measurement or irregular dating systems : application to mobile robotics.
9 Dec. 2019 M. ORQUERA Design for additive manufacturing: Downsizing of a mechanical system through multi-functional optimization.
26 April 2019 M. LARANJEIRA Sensor-based servoing of a chain of underwater robots.
18 Dec. 2017 A. POPOFF How better take into account usage and users in eco-design: suggestions of methodological elements to enrich an upstream optimization approach.