Ongoing PhD theses

COSMER even though a young laboratory is dynamic in its research agenda, pursuing several research projects and supervising a number of PhD theses (see Table below for ongoing theses projects).  COSMER PhD theses are often conducted in partnership with the LIS laboratory and the DYNI team as well as in collaboration with the MIO laboratory, international research and industry collaborators.

  • 6 PhD theses related to marine robotics.
  • 3 PhD theses related to mechanical engineering and eco-design.

Start PhD Candidates Subjects
2022 M. FILLIUNG Control of a chain of ROVs
2022 C. PERAUD Cooperative control of an ROV / USV system connected by umbilical.
2022 A. CLAUDE Multi-axis manufacturing strategies for personalized medical orthoses obtained by multi-material additive manufacturing
2021 C. LASSO Architectural exploration method for an optimized helicopter structure obtained by Additive Manufacturing
2020 A. MERCI Coordination of underwater glider fleets.
2020 B. GHADER Improvement of drone-diver interactions.
2020 J. DRUPT Localization and control of a string of underwater robots in confined environments
2020 C. BOITTIAUX Intelligent localization system for the navigation of underwater robots.
2019 Y. MALYANI Development of a shared research on a robust reference system for the redesign/qualification process and production of parts or assemblies of parts in additive manufacturing for the MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition)
2019 L. ANDURAND Development of manufacturing strategies for WAAM building of lightweight parts made by elementary cell assembly