COSMER Laboratory, Research Unit members

The COSMER research unit was created by the board of the University of Toulon on November 18, 2014 and was recognized by the Ministry in June 2015. COSMER is associated with the Engineering School, named Seatech of the University. It brings together lecturers and researchers  formerly working at Supmeca-Toulon, and  the Institute of Technology of the University of Toulon – departments : GMP (Mechanical and and Production Automation Engineering), GIM (Industrial Engineering and Maintenance) and MMI (multimedia and Internet Technologies).

Executive team

Director HUGEL Vincent
Vice-Director MILLET Dominique
Manager for Digital dissemination DUNE Claire
Seminar manager ORQUERA Myriam

Secretary (shared)

Account operator BOYER Christelle

List of members

The COSMER research team includes 21 members among which 9 tenure teachers-researchers of Toulon University, 2 contractual researchers, 2 external associated researchers, one technician in additive manufacturing-electronics, and 7 PhD students. Another PhD student belonging to the LIS laboratory is co-supervised with the Cosmer lab. One secretary is in charge of the financial management of three labs (Cosmer, CPT and Imath).

  Member Position E-mail
ANDURAND Lewis PhD student lewis-andurand at
ANTHIERENS Cédric Ass-prof, Hab. research CNU-61 cedric.anthierens at
AZOU-BRIARD Pascale Ass-Prof, Hab. research CNU-28 pascale.azou-briard at
CAMPOCASSO Sébastien Ass-Prof CNU-60 sebastien.campocasso at
CHALVIN Maxime Ass-Prof CNU-60 maxime.chalvin at
DUNE Claire Ass-Prof CNU-61 claire.dune at
DRUPT Juliette PhD student juliette-drupt at
GARTNER Nicolas PhD CNU-61, Post-Doc nicolas.gartner at
GHADER Bilal PhD Student bilal-ghader at
HUGEL Vincent Prof CNU-60 vincent.hugel at
MALYANI Youssef PhD student youssef-malyani at
MERCI Aurélien PhD student amerci at
MILLET Dominique Prof CNU-60 dominique.millet at
ORQUERA Myriam PhD – PRAG CNU-60 orquera at
OSTRE Benjamin Ass-Prof CNU-60 benjamin.ostre at
PIALOT Olivier Contractual Eng. CNU-60 olivier.pialot at
RICHIER Mathieu Ass-Prof CNU-60 mathieu.richier at
SEILLIER Sabine Technician sabine.seillier at
SORIANO Thierry Prof CNU-61 (associé) thierry.soriano at
TCHERTCHIAN Nicolas Contractual Eng. CNU-60 nicolas.tchertchian at
TORTORICI Ornella PhD student ornella.tortorici at


  Member Position E-mail
GUYON Olivier PhD (CIFRE, 24 March 2021)
PHAM Hoang Anh PhD (23 March 2021)
POUPARD Marion PhD (Co-sup. LIS) (9 Dec 2020)
FEDDAOUI Aïda PhD (Co-sup. LIS) (18 May 2020)
LARANJEIRA MOREIRA Matheus PhD (26 April 2017)- Post-Doc Ifremer
CHOLLET Patrice Ass-prof CNU-60
FREMIOT Jérôme Contractual Eng. jerome.fremiot at
GROUX Didier Ass. reseearcher (PRAG) CNU-60
POPOFF Alexandre PhD (18 Dec. 2017) alexandre.popoff at
PAULY Elodie Ass. researcher CNU-63