Benjamin Ostre



Office : M128
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A former student of the INSA of Toulouse and doctor of ISAE of Toulouse in “Mechanical Engineering”, I am currently an associate professor (CNU 60) at the University of Toulon. 
My personal and professional career has been focused on research and development for more than 15 years. Thus, I gradually developed my skills, moving from an engineering apprenticeship (DUT GMP level) in the competitive nautical field (3 years), then to that of study engineer (5 years) and a doctorate in the aeronautics field (3 years) and finally a post-doctorate in the field of competitive sport (1 year). My integration into the COSMER laboratory in September 2018 was accompanied by a change in research themes.


My current work focuses on the study of complex and durable mechanical systems that allow the optimization of part design through lightweight microstructures.


I mainly teach the following subjects at the SEATECH engineering school in Toulon:
Dimensioning of mechanical structures by finite elements (75%) and engineering for reverse engineering (25%), as well as project supervision.