DGA-Rapid SURFBOT Program

SURFBOT : Techniques of reconnaissance and automatic cartography of shallow seabed and surf zones adapted to lightweight and « low cost » vehicles (2016-2019)

Scientific responsible at Cosmer : Vincent Hugel

The SURFBOT program deals with the study and the definition of primary software and design bricks to be embedded in a lightweight and low cost system enabling the capability to achieve the reconnaissance of a shallow water restricted zone with the aim to make a map for the preparation of an amphibious operation. The robotic tool being designed will allow to carry out this task in an effective and stealthy way, without putting human lives at risk.
The innovative aspects are the use of an acoustic imagery compact sensor (2D high resolution), for navigation, data acquisition and sensor stabilization for acquisition in strongly disturbed environment. In addition the program includes the development of a platform to enable
validation tests in simulated environment and GPS acquisition tests with submerged antenna.
The program partners are SUBSEA-TECH and ROBOPEC companies.

The results issued from the developments deal with the building of software bricks for planning, positioning, and autonomous navigation, which must be ready to be embedded into an underwater robot (ROV or AUV), and the implementation of a simulation architecture where to create virtual test environments and to conduct the evaluation of the vehicles’ dynamic behaviors. In the context of this program, a PhD thesis started in Oct. 2016, titled : Performance metrics for mission evaluation of reconfigurable underwater vehicles in the surf zone.