Development of a shared research on a robust reference system for the redesign/qualification process and production of parts or assemblies of parts in additive manufacturing for the MCO

Youssef MALYANI (Déc. 2019)

Funding: Employment of Young Doctoral Students (PACA region funding) ; Naval Group

Partner company: Naval Group

Advisors : Dominique Millet et Myriam Orquera

Currently, additive manufacturing offers the opportunity to produce complex part shapes that cannot be manufactured by conventional processes. Indeed, the deposition of material layer by layer gives the freedom to place the right thing in the right place. Calculation algorithms are used to determine where the material should be located. The most commonly used calculation model for additive manufacturing is topological optimization. This research project builds on the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing and its use as a tool to contribute to the sustainability of industries. Indeed, this thesis aims at first developing a reference framework for the process of redesigning/qualifying parts in additive manufacturing for maintenance in operational condition (MCO), this framework can be a guide, test settings and charts that we can use upstream when designing a product and will allow us to reduce control tests in the post-production phase. In addition, it can help us in the choice of the additive process as well.
On the other hand, this research aims to develop rules for the topological optimization of multi-body parts and systems with open-loop kinematic chain and closed loops with various topological optimization objectives and constraints.