Underwater robots

We chose to purchase lightweight underwater robots since they have the following advantages: they are low-cost, opensource, lightweight, and easy to deploy. They are even easy to program (web programming and ROS/python/C++), they can be used by students for their projects, and to set up new practical work for the teaching activities at University.



The first ROV used was an Open ROV. It is an opensource underwater robot kit. This first ROV allowed to achieve first tests in pools and to get first sensor logs during underwater missions. It is controlled via an interface, and includes an embedded javascript program based on Node.js

From these first studies with this ROV, we defined student projects from the Seatech Engineering school that aimed to design a new prototype with reverse engineering of the main enclosure and the battery enclosure.

Prototype Open-ROV rétro-conçu




We then implemented an electronic/software architecture on a second prototype of opensource ROV named Blue ROV. The lab owns three models of this ROV : tow Blue ROV I and le Blue ROV II. These robots are used as experimental platforms for PhD work in the field of underwater robotics.