13 juin 2019 – Séminaire Jihong Zhu



Jihong Zhu, doctorant au LIRMM, exposera ses travaux le jeudi 13 juin à 14h en salle M141 sur la manipulation de câble assistée par vision.




Title: Dual arm robotic manipulation of deformable linear objects with environmental contacts.


One of the biggest challenges in deformable objects manipulation lies in the limited control inputs while manipulation – The infinite degree of freedoms (DOFs) in object deformation with finite inputs from the manipulators/hands. Often when manipulating deformable objects, humans not only apply both hands, but also use contacts in the environment to regulate objects. In this talk, I will present a framework for a dual arm robot to manipulate deformable linear objects (DLOs) with contacts in the environment. The robot is able to plan its motion according to the contact placement, detect the occurrence of a contact, and modify its manipulation behaviour accordingly and finally achieve a desired configuration of the DLOs.