20 mai 2020 – Youssef Malyani et Myriam Orquera

Mercredi 20 mai 2020 le séminaire sera consacré à la présentation des articles rédigés par Youssef MALYANI (Étudiant en Thèse) puis par Myriam ORQUERA (Docteur). Cette présentation fera l’objet d’une conférence lors de JCM 2020 (http://www.jcm2020ct.com/en/) qui se déroulent du 2 au 4 juin 2020.
Résumé de l’article de Youssef MALYANI : State of the art on robust design methods for additive manufacturing
Abstract. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies allow to produce functional parts with complex geometries that cannot be manufactured by conventional processes. However, the complexity of the product is increased and causes new constraints in the manufacturing process. Therefore, these new processes lead particularly to new needs in design methods. The objective of this paper is to explore and form an overall view of design methods, especially, robust design methods. Robust design is defined here as a methodology that enables to design a product with optimal performances and insensitivity to small variations of the inputs of the manufacturing process. In this contribution a state of the art of robust design methods applied to AM will be carried out.
Résumé de l’article de Myriam ORQUERA : Topological optimization of a mechanical system with adaptive convergence criterion
Abstract. Topological optimization (TO) is commonly used to design a part for additive manufacturing (AM), but rarely for entire systems including several parts. How can be optimized a mechanical system in which each optimized part changes the boundary conditions? A Design method called TOMS (Topological Optimization of a Mechanical System) has been developed to take into account the variation of the boundary conditions when optimizing parts. When the using TOMS method the loops are performed until the optimization converges. The object of this article is to propose a discussion on the quantification of this convergence based on a practical case study.