5-05-2022 : Séminaire de Cristiam LASSO

Vous êtes cordialement invités à l’exposé de la conférence de Cristiam LASSO (en thèse avec l’entreprise Expleo),

le jeudi 5 mai 
de 13h30 à 14h 
en M141 

En préparation de la conférence  » INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE*
 JCM 2022 « , 1-3 juin 2022, Italy


An helicopter is a complex engineering machine which involves several subsystems (structure, propulsion unit, control system, among others). Their diversity and their operating parameters are an obstacle to improving and optimizing the overall aircraft design. Recent studies are focused on improving aerodynamics, propeller design, rotor performance, or structure. Focusing on the last one, the limitations that exist with current manufacturing processes highlight the difficulty of lightening it. Thus, additive manufacturing appears (AM) as a new candidate to be explored. In fact, by studying one of AM potentials, this article highlights a 25,7%  in structure weight loss. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to present how AM could be applied to increase helicopter structure performance. Firstly, a summary of the current helicopter architectures in the market will be carried out, the goal is to identify and classify the principal and necessary components shared between them. Then, the selected AM potentials that could be applied to the airframe are presented. Next, the implementation of part consolidation in the structural design for lightweighting. Finally, based on the above collected information, a
 simplified modelling approach for AM will be proposed to implement in a first optimization study.