Additive manufacturing robot-based WAAM cell

Experimental devices:

Fanuc 120iC 6-axis welding robot, with R30iB+ controller. Maximum payload: 20 kg.
Fanuc 2-axis positionner. Maximum payload: 500 kg.
Fronius CMT TPS500i welding source.
Home-made PLA-wire extrusion system.
Two pyrometers: Optris CTlaser 3MH1 (150-1000°C) and CTlaser 3ML (50-400°C).
Flir A50 thermal camera.
Keyence LK-G152 laser sensor.
GOM Scan 1.

WAAM cell

WAAM cell of COSMER laboratory / IUT GMP

Manufacturing of a 5183 aluminium alloy Schwarz-P pattern by WAAM

Multi-axis deposition experiment with PLA-extruder

With the support of:


Public fundings:

Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée : ROBOWAM project, 25 k€, 2018.
Département du Var : ROBWELD project, 24 k€, 2019.