Aurélien Merci

Aurelien Merci



E-mail : amerci at / aurelien-merci (at)

Bureau: Alseamar / M Building, Université de Toulon, Campus La Garde.



  • SeaTech Engineer School, Université de Toulon

Sujet de recherche

PhD Supervisor: Cédric Anthierens (Laboratoire COSMER)
PhD Co-Supervison: Nadegè Thirion-Moreau (Laboratoire CNRS LIS)

Title: Coordination of fleets of underwater gliders for GHOM and LSM purposes

My work during this thesis consists in developing specific planning, coordination and supervision algorithms for fleets of very long endurance UUVs (underwater gliders), specifically responding to the needs of real-time conduct of GHOM (Geography, Hydrography, Oceanography and Meteorology) and LSM (Underwater Warfare) missions.
It is a Cifre-Defense thesis under the supervision of Mr. Cédric ANTHIERENS, lecturer HDR 61st section and member of the laboratory COSMER (TOULON).
The thesis is co-directed by Mrs Nadège THIRION-MOREAU, also HDR, director of the Signal and Image team at the Computer Science and Systems Laboratory (LIS).