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PhD, after a engineering degree in Mechanics – Industrial Engineering on ecodesign methodologies, our research aims to develop methodological elements contributing to a multi-criteria optimization of the product in design. Post-doc (Research Engineer) in the “Ecodesign and Optimization of Sustainable Mechanical Systems (EOSMD)” team of the COSMER laboratory, supervised by Prof. Dominique Millet, my current field of research relates to aspects of system modelling and optimization. We highlight CSP (constraint programming and interval calculation) approaches throughout the collaborative design process, from the choice of architectures to the functional definition, sizing and overall optimization of the final system.

Current Research

This work is continuing with the Windkeeper project, supported by ADEME as part of the AMI Navire du Futur in 2012, the purpose of which is to design an economical, eco-designed offshore wind farm maintenance vessel that will significantly increase the number of days of work at sea in complete safety. This vessel must meet all the requirements of operators, in order to guarantee the availability and productivity of offshore wind turbines, as close as possible to those of machines installed on land farms.