Towards a better consideration of the use and users in ecodesign: proposals for methodological elements to enrich an upstream optimization approach

Alexandre Popoff (Jan. 2015 – Dec. 2017)

Supervision : Dominique MILLET


The work carried out during the doctorate is based on three complementary research axes. Our overall objective is to develop a multi-objective optimization method for the life cycle of manufactured products that takes into account data external to the product such as its uses and attractiveness.

For our first research axis, we have chosen to focus on the use phase. As this phase has only recently become the subject of in-depth research by the eco-design research community, a dedicated study was necessary to ensure the relevance of our future method.

Our second research axis builds on the previous one to develop a product life cycle modeling methodology that is sufficiently close to reality. Our work focuses on the use of LCA and CVMA data to support constraint modeling of the system under study. This constraint modeling can then be used as a design tool to develop and compare different alternatives by optimizing their environmental and economic performance. We include in our methodology the possibility of functional negotiations, thus allowing a freer optimization than for a product whose functional mix would be fixed.

Our third research axis aims to enrich the methodology developed in the second axis. In particular, we add to our methodology a model of the attractiveness of the product in relation to the target market, based on the principles of Quality Function Deployment. We are therefore improving the interest of our methodology as a design and decision support tool, allowing a better integration of the objectives of the specifications and the company strategy.