THERM’STOCK : Industrial Prototype of renewable and recoverable energy storage in the context of the energy transition (2016-2019)

Scientific Responsible at Cosmer : Dominique Millet

The THERM’STOCK program is a program about energy storage that fits into the energy transition and the changes of production modes and energy consumption. The objective is triple : allow users of the developed product to consume reasonably, smart produce, while keeping an always higher performance level. The developed THERM’STOCK products store the energy in the form of thermal energy (through sensible heat). They cover a temperature range from 200°C up to 400°C according to several client applications (Renewable thermal plants, Combined Cycles, Heat networks and Industries). The five utilities of THERM’STOCK are : optimization of a thermal plant, provision of energetic services, decrease of power requirement, provision of backup generation and sale/purchase arbitration over a 1 to 7 day period.

The objective consists of developing a simulator for the evaluation of the environmental performance of different transient storage technologies of large power energy (around x*20MW). This system enables the storage of energy during a few hours and to restore it at times when the required power is more important. This research program is lead by the CNIM company, with the Babcock, Bertin, ICnergie, and CapIngelec companies, and CEATech, as well as the COSMER lab for a budget of 270 k€.