Associate professor

offices: GM-111 & M-130
phone: +33(0)-494-142-360 / +33(0)-483-166-630
e-mail: sebastien.campocasso ‘at’ univ-tln.fr
personal webpage: cv.archives-ouvertes.fr/sebastien-campocasso


Former student of the ENS Cachan (currently ENS Paris-Saclay) and doctor of the ENSAM in “Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing Processes”, I am currently associate professor (CNU 60 / Mechanical engineering) at the University of Toulon. Involved at the international level within the CIRP (Research Affiliate since 2014), I also participate in national networks such as Manufacturing’21 and the GIS S-mart (formerly AIP-Primeca).

After more than five years of research at LaBoMaP (ENSAM Cluny) on experimental analysis and modelling of metal cutting, I began to work on new research topics when I join the COSMER laboratory in September 2015.


My current research works focus on the development of design and trajectory planning methods for additive manufacturing, and more particularly for multi-axis wire deposition. This topic involves ressources from the MAQ-3D platform (located at the SeaTech engineering school) and constitutes a federative research axis for the COSMER laboratory.

Thesis co-supervision

  • Maxime Chalvin (Sept. 2017-), 70% – under supervision of Prof. Vincent Hugel
  • Myriam Orquera (Sept. 2015-), 50% – under supervision of Prof. Dominique Millet

Supervision of master students

  • Maxime Chalvin (April-July 2017), 100%

Supervision of interns

  • Nicolas Miséricordia (IUT Toulon, April-June 2019), 50% – Co-supervised by Maxime Chalvin

Research projects and fundings

  • Grant for a research stay in Germany (DAAD, 2019)
  • ROBWELD (Département du Var, 2019)
  • BeShape (French research agency ANR, 2019-2023)
  • ROBOWAM (Metropolis TPM & Poly-Shape company, 2018-2020)

Scientific Collaborations

Scientific outreach

Collective and administrative responsibilities

  • Representative at the Scientific commission of the University of Toulon since March 2019
  • GMP dept. representative at the CARTT council (Funding for applied Research and Technology Transfer) of IUT of Toulon since January 2019
  • COSMER lab. representative at the MEDD Thematic Pole council (Sea, Environment, Sustainable Developement) of Toulon University since Sept. 2016


Most of my teaching activities are provided at the GMP department (mechanical engineering) of the IUT of Toulon (institute of technology) and related to the following subjects: manufacturing engineering (~60%), IT (~20%), metrology/non-destructive testing (~20%), as well as student projects management. I also work in the IMecaD (mechanical design) and MDE (materials) programs at SeaTech engineering school, as well as in the CAPPI professional bachelor degree.

Recent publications

Full list and download links available at: cv.archives-ouvertes.fr/sebastien-campocasso

  • International conferences with proceedings:
    • M. Chalvin*, S. Campocasso, T. Baizeau, V. Hugel. Automatic Multi-Axis Path Planning for Thinwall Tubing through Robotized Wire Deposition. 12th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME), July 18-20, 2018, Gulf of Naples (Italy). Procedia CIRP, Vol. 79, pp. 89-94, 2019
    • S. Campocasso*, M. Chalvin, A.-K. Reichler, R. Gerbers, K. Dröder, V. Hugel, F. Dietrich. A Framework for Future CAM Software Dedicated to Additive Manufacturing by Multi-Axis Deposition. 6th CIRP Global Web Conference (CIRPe), October 23-25. Procedia CIRP, Vol. 78, pp. 79-84, 2018
    • M. Orquera*, S. Campocasso, D. Millet. Design for Additive Manufacturing Method for a Mechanical System Downsizing. 27th CIRP Design Conference, May 10-12, Cranfield (UK). Procedia CIRP, Vol. 60, pp. 223-228, 2017
  • International conferences:
    • S. Campocasso*, B. Ostré, D. Millet, V. Hugel. A design optimisation method for direct metal deposition. CIRP General Assembly Part II (STC Dn), August 22-24, Birmingham (UK), 2019
  • French conferences with proceedings:
    • M. Chalvin*, S. Campocasso, V. Hugel, T. Baizeau. Génération de trajectoire pour l’ajout d’entités par fabrication additive robotisée multi-axes (6 p.). 16ème Colloque national S-mart (AIP-Primeca), 3-5 Avril, Les Karellis (France), 2019
    • S. Campocasso*, V. Hugel, B. Vayre. Génération de trajectoires pour la fabrication additive par dépôt de fil robotisé multi-axes – Application à une tubulure torique (5 p.). 15ème Colloque national AIP-Primeca, 12-14 Avril, La Plagne (France), 2017