Cédric Anthierens

Cédric Anthierens

Assistant professor, section 61

Phone :

E-mail : cedric.anthierens at univ-tln.fr




After my initial training in Mechanical Engineering (University of Le Havre and Besançon), I followed a DEA in Industrial Automation at INSA Lyon, which opened the doors for me to pursue a thesis in Microrobotics under the direction of Mr. BETEMPS at the Industrial Automatics Laboratory of INSA Lyon (now AMPERE Laboratory). After a position as an ATER in mechanics at the IUT GMP in Aix en Provence, I joined SUPMECA Toulon as a lecturer in 2000 and worked in mechatronics research at the LISMMA laboratory (now QUARTZ) on the topics of designing sensorimotor interfaces for virtual reality (50% co-supervision of a thesis) and home automation for energy management in commercial buildings (50% co-supervision of 2 theses).

At the initiative of the creation in 2002 of a last course of engineering school in Robotics and Mechatronics Systems for students of ISEN and SUPMECA Toulon, I was in charge of this training until the advent of SEATECH (merger of SUPMECA TOULON and ISITV) and the disappearance of SUPMECA Toulon (2016).

The mechatronic projects organized in large groups I supervised under this option have fuelled research projects such as the management of the lighting of an open space by automatic venetian blinds, the design of an underwater mini ROV (Babysub), as well as the creation of an autonomous sailing robot (MARIUS).


Invested since its first hour in the COSMER laboratory, I now work in the field of robotics and more specifically on the following projects:

  • Sensory navigation guide for visually impaired kayakers,
  • Design of smart cable winch for underwater ROVs,
  • Study of the reflex stability of a bipedal robot.


  • End of studies internship from the Carthage Engineering School (Mai/Aout 2016) – Programming of BlueROV via MyRIO board from National Instrument.
  • End of studies project from SEATECH (4 students – Oct. 2016 / Feb. 2017) – Intelligent cable winch for underwater ROV.

Scientific outreach

  • Member of Club EEA.
  • Member of GdR MACS and Robotics.

Collective responsibilities

  • Manager of COSMER seminars.
  • Member of SEATECH council.


I teach mechanics, automation, robotics, mechatronics at SEATECH in the 3 years of the initial engineering course at the University of Toulon (Common core and course IMecaD and SYSMER).